The "Grow - Progressive" recipe consists in a ramp-up of the sending volume over time.

That means that your inbox will start to send a low amount of emails, that will progressively grow every day, to finally reach the objective you defined.

💡 It's the most recommended strategy, especially if your inbox is new or inactive.

1. After you connected your inbox, in the "Warm-up option", select the "Grow-Progressive" recipe

2. Click on the "Warm-up timing range" field

3. Select a starting date and an ending date in the calendar pop-up

💡 Note : We recommend to select a minimum duration of 45 days to take full benefits from the warm-up.

4. Click on the "Maximum emails sent/day" field and define an amount

💡 Note: We recommend to select an amount of 40 emails if you are setting your first warm-up campaign and not exceed the given limit.

5. Click on the "Reply rate/day" field and define a percentage

💡 Note: We recommend to select a rate of 30% to take full benefits from the warm-up, and not exceed 45%

6. Click on the "Done" button to validate your warm-up options and start the campaign

7. Congrats! 🎉 You successfully set up your "Grow - Progressive" warm-up campaign!

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