The "Randomized" recipe consists in random sending volumes.

That means that your inbox will send a random amount of emails each day. You can edit this amount as you wish.

πŸ’‘ This strategy is adapted if your inbox is already warmed and if you want to run experimentation.

1. After you connected your inbox, in the "Warm-up option", select the "Randomized" recipe

2. Click on the "Warm-up timing range" field

3. Select a starting date and an ending date in the calendar pop-up

πŸ’‘ Note : We recommend to select a minimum duration of 45 days to take full benefits from the warm-up.

4. Click on the "Maximum emails sent/day" field and define an amount

πŸ’‘ Note: We recommend to select an amount of 40 emails if you are setting your first warm-up campaign and not exceed the given limit.

5. Click on the "Reply rate/day" field and define a percentage

πŸ’‘ Note: We recommend to select a rate of 30% to take full benefits from the warm-up, and not exceed 45%

6. Click on the "Done" button to validate your warm-up options and start the campaign

7. Congrats! πŸŽ‰ You successfully set up your "Randomized" warm-up campaign!

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