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The analytics tab allows you to monitor your warm-up campaigns.

1. On the "Inbox" tab, select the inbox you would like to get the analytics

2. In the "Actions" column, click on the "Edit" button

3. A new page opens and displays all the data of the campaign (emails sent, replies, interactions, spam rate, etc.)

  • "Emails sent" corresponds to the number of emails automatically sent from your inbox since the beginning of the campaign.

  • "Replies" refers to the number of replies sent by Warmbox inboxes network to the emails sent. It depends on the reply rate you defined in the warm-up settings.

  • "Interactions" indicates the number of positive interactions (responses, openings, removal from spam, starring, etc.) that our inboxes network had with your inbox since the beginning of the campaign.

  • "Spam Rate" informs you about the proportion of warm-up emails sent from your inbox that end up in spam. This is an indicator to follow the increase of your email deliverability.

The analytics tab also displays information about the sending schedule and the recent activities (message sent from your inbox, reply received, etc.).

๐Ÿ’ก You can edit the parameters/delete specific warm-up day directly in the "Custom Schedule" section.

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