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Check my email deliverability
Get my email deliverability report
Get my email deliverability report
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After we analyzed the test email you sent, we provide you with a complete deliverability report, including a deliverability score.

Deliverability Score

We aggregate +120 items into a unique indicator, the Deliverability Score.

It's a grade out of 100 that inform you on the deliverability potential of your emails. The higher your score, the better your email deliverability.

A score bellow 30 is considered spam, and a score above 80 is considered as good.

Complete deliverability report

Here are the different items you will find inside your report, and the corresponding sections of our deliverability guide, to help you to improve your email deliverability.

Domain Blacklist

IP Blacklist

SpamAssassin Score




Reverse DNS

Domain age

List-Unsubscribe Header

Broken Links

Short URLs

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